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Writing & Research

"Neighbors give thumbs down to I-94 expansion", Barb Thoman and Lisa Nelson, November 2023


"The Cold Equations of Roadway Safety", Lisa Nelson, April 2023

"Car-Free Goals: How to Succeed Through Failure", Lisa Nelson, February 2023

"I-94 in the Union Park District: A History of Prioritizing Speed Over Community", Barb Thoman and Lisa Nelson, December 2022

"Play Streets and Block Parties: Reimagining Residential Streets as Neighborhood Resources", Lisa Nelson, August 2022.

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St. Paul Play Streets

Advocacy and education, promoting equity and access in the Block Party Permit process in St. Paul, MN.

St. Paul Play Streets website.

"Neighborhood Play Street Kit" including barricades and activities available to borrow, thanks to a grant from Social Health Labs.


More information: "Play Streets Promote Equity, Community for All Ages" Amy Gage,, August 31, 2021

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Community Organizing & Events

Member (2016-present) and current co-chair (2022-present) of Union Park District Council's Transportation Committee.

Planning, organizing, leading, and creating promotional materials for community events and activities.

Neighborhood Block Parties & Art Projects

Obtaining permits and creating promotional materials for neighborhood Block Parties & Events.


Neighborhood art projects, including group painting, t-shirt tie-dyeing,  and DIY yard signs. Funding from a Micro Grant from Union Park District Council, and contributions from neighbors.

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Walking & Biking Events

Issues-based events, bringing together neighbors, stakeholders, and decision-makers to learn, connect, and advocate for safety and livability. Organized and lead with Union Park District Council's Transportation Committee and other partners.

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Writing & Research
St. Paul Play Streets
Community Organizing & Events
---Neighborhood Block Parties
---Walking & Biking Events
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